Insurance Rights

Do I have the right to select the repair shop?
Yes. Select the shop of your choice and notify your insurance company of the claim.

Do I Need to Get Three Estimates?
No. Notify your insurance company or agent. Your adjuster may inspect the damage. If possible, get a copy of the adjuster’s estimate and take the vehicle to a shop of your choice. In some areas insurance companies can pay claims directly. If an insurance agent asks you to obtain two estimates, ask if they intend to pay your claim directly. If so, obtain two estimates as soon as possible. This will help you settle your claim. If the agent is not responsible for paying your claim, contact your insurance adjuster. Generally claims are handled by the insurance company’s claims department, not by individual agents. (Avoid getting estimates from shops where you do not intend to get your vehicle repaired).

Must I Notify My Insurance Company Before Repairs?
Yes. Insurance policies require that you notify the company or your agent. You will be asked to make a report as well as make the damaged vehicle available for inspection.

Who Pays The Collision Repair Bill?
You, the customer, must pay the collision repair shop. You may be reimbursed by insurance for this expense less any applicable deductibles or betterment allowances.

Who Is Responsible For Completing The Repairs?
The collision repair shop. Select a collision repair facility that is properly staffed with trained professionals and equipped to restore your automobile to its pre-accident condition.


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